Fundația Proiectul de Educație Civică și Dezvoltare Academică
Teaching Development Program (2002-2004)
Teaching Development Project (TDP) was a special program designed and developed to provide intensive teaching training for Junior Faculty working in the area of social sciences.

The project was conceived as a way to improve the quality of teaching and research in Romania. Most universities do not provide structured interaction between faculty members, nor provide for faculty development programs. The project was meant not only to fill that gap but also to introduce the concept to the universities with the hope that they will eventually internalize such training and interaction.

EDU TDPThe main goal of the project was to contribute to a change in the teaching style and methods used in Romanian higher education. It provided participants with knowledge of modern teaching methodology, stressing issues such as interactive teaching methods, syllabi development, student evaluation, academic writing, class management, conduct of research, etc.

Additionally, the project provided a framework for sharing ideas related to teaching,  given the reality in Romanian higher education institutions that offers little opportunity for teachers to interact one with another and for presenting ideas about teaching and curriculum. The project aimed at showing the importance of democratizing the departmental structures in order to enable faculty members to share and consult in the decision-making process.

TDP was based on the participation of Fellows who were part of the OSI funded organization Civic Education Project, who received higher education degrees (MA, PhD) in Western universities.


DEMOCRATIZARE REGIONALĂ Democratizarea României, precum și a regiunii din care ea face parte, a reprezentat o preocupare majoră a Fundației ECDA. Utilizând dialogul, educația civică, publicațiile, experții asociați au contribuit și contribuie la dezvoltarea simțului civic, al valorilor democratice, al egalității în drepturi între membrii societății românești și la nivelul societăților vecine, din regiune.